So I recently discovered Motion City Soundtrack...

I know, a bit late the the party, but still...

11th October 2012
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A few years ago I got Burnout 3 for my PS2. Great game and I still play it from time to time now. It had a good soundtrack too and I got exposure to a few bands that I really like now from it; Jimmy Eat World, Ash, Yellowcard, My Chemical Romance, Letter Kills and others. I now have multiple albums from all these bands but there was one song I left as a single; My Favourite Accident by Motion City Soundtrack. I really liked the song and had it on my car playlist but never got the album and I'm not sure why. I wish I had.

I got it the other week. I immediately loved it. Like, wondering why the hell I didn't get this album years ago like all the others. I had it on for the whole day. I rarely do that even with my other favourite albums. Then the next day, I wasn't bored of it so played it all day again.

I then got their other four albums and played through them all. Again, I loved them. Go, their most recent album, was the best out of these four overall but the others are all very good.

I Am The Movie, Commit This To Memory, Even If It Kills Me, My Dinosaur Life and Go. Five albums you simply must have. I Am The Movie and Go are my favourites but I could still happily listen to nothing else all day. Some songs aren't too serious, some I can't help tapping my foot or hand to, some are emotional and lyrically beautiful. There's a mix of everything. They also have a very distinctive sound as a lot of tracks make heavy use of a moog synthesizer; you'd instantly be able to recognise a song of theirs you haven't heard if you've heard some of their others.

Standout tracks for me: The Future Freaks Me Out, My Favourite Accident, Capital H, Mary Without Sound, When 'You're' Around, Time Turned Fragile, L.G. FUAD, This Is For Real, Calling All Cops, A Life Less Ordinary, Disappear, Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Everyone Will Die, The Coma Kid, The Worst Is Yet To Come, Happy Anniversary. Not many then. In fact the more I listen to them all the more I like them all. There isn't really a song I don't like and I can play through all five albums in their entirety which I can't even do with some Jimmy Eat World albums, who are still my favourite band. I have to say, I think Motion City Soundtrack have very rapidly moved into second place. I've gone from liking one song to loving five albums in 2 weeks, but what's wrong with that?

Get the albums. Thank me later.

(Update 26/08/18 - MCS have since broken up, their last album was pretty disappointing and I couldn't even give it more than a couple of play-throughs. I did go and see them live twice though before they broke up.)