New Site!

I finally have a (sort of) decent website

1st September 2018
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Yup, I finally decided to replace my shitty custom-made site, which replaced my shitty old Wordpress site, with something hopefully not so shitty.

I've never had an actual "site" before, just a blog, which I barely used, so while I want to try and do that a little bit more, I also finally actually have a site that's just about me.

I started the new design for it a while ago but never got round to finishing it. The homepage was going to have the same solid colour effect, but only for the top third of the page. I decided to go for a full screen design as I thought it looked a bit better, and added the slants to make it a bit more exciting. The header colour (and splash images) cycle round because I'm so indecisive, I could never pick just one.

The site is built on Statamic - it's a platform built on Laravel that crosses the bridge between static and dynamic sites (hence the name). It doesn't run on a database, and stores everything in the filesystem, meaning it should be faster, and is super easy to version control everything. It's also much nicer to use than Wordpress.

Oh, and I'm finally emphasising my domain hack URL - I'd wanted to use a domain hack for years but all the ones that made sense were taken, so when the .ski gTLD was released I jumped on it. I could get the .ki TLD too, from Kiribati, but they're almost £1,000 a year so... maybe not. I like having the site on a subdomain as it breaks the name up a bit, and I have the blog on a sub-subdomain to keep the pattern, and because I prefer subdomains to subdirectories.

Anyway, I hope you like the new site :)